Lobbyist Registration & Reporting System
Contact the Lobbyist Division at 617-727-9122 if you require technical assistance for any part of the online registration or disclosure reporting process.
Online user assistance
The Lobbyist Registration & Reporting System was developed by the Secretary of the Commonwealth for use by the lobbying community. Registration and disclosure reporting documents are prepared and submitted through this online system.
To clarify a lobbying requirement, refer to Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 3, Sections 39 through 50, or other legal resources
Using the online system

Getting Started

This document covers:

    Filing dates

    Account types

    Email addresses

    System passwords

    Forget your passwords?

    Signing in to the system

    Your account homepage

    Creating an account

How to file a registration

Instructions for:

Individual Lobbyists

Entities and Sub-agents



Quick Links

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How to file a disclosure report

Getting started:

Interactive navigation bar

Review your registration

Filling out and submitting forms:

Lobbyist forms

Entity forms

Client forms


Late reports and late fees

Incidental lobbying


What you need to know

    Registration requirements

    Registration filing fees

    Sequence of registration

    Amending a registration

    Terminating a relationship

    Requesting a waiver

    Disclosure requirements

    Penalties and fines

    Definitions of terms used

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