Appointments & Commissions
Applying for a 1-Day Designation Certificate
Purpose: A one-time designation certificate allows an individual to officiate a marriage ceremony on a specific date. The application must be approved by the Governor's office before the Secretary's office can issue the certificate. The application is valid only for ceremonies within Massachusetts, and by a person who is not otherwise authorized to officiate a marriage ceremony. To learn about marriage requirements, visit getting married in Massachusetts.
Clergy and others who are authorized to solemnize marriages in other states should obtain the Non-Resident Clergy Petition. Obtain this form from the Secretary of the Commonwealth.
Deadline for submitting an application: You can apply 6 months in advance of the wedding date, and up until 1 week before the ceremony. If you have an urgent request, contact the Commissions office at 617-727-2836 for assistance.
Ceremony and residency requirements:
* The ceremony must be performed in a city or town within Massachusetts.
* There is no residency requirement for the applicant, or either party.
Two ways to file this application:
Submit online: The fee is $20.00, plus a $3.50 expedited fee. Once your request is approved, your certificate will be expedited in 5 business days.

Submit by mail: Complete the application online, then print and mail it with a check or money order. The fee is $25.00 and will be processed in 4 to 6 weeks.
Correcting a certificate:
**You can make a correction to a certificate that has already been mailed to you. Select "Update certificate" to submit a correction and request a new certificate.
Questions about a 1-day designation?
Contact a member of the Commissions office at 617-727-2836 for assistance.