Statewide Office Elections Schedule:


Term of Office






President 4    
Vice President 4    
U.S. Senator1 6    
U.S. Representative 2
Governor 4      
Lt. Governor 4      
Secretary of the Commonwealth 4      
Attorney General 4      
Treasurer 4      
Auditor 4      
Governor's Council 2
State Senator 2
State Representative 2
County Commissioner2 4 ★★ ★★ ★★
District Attorney 4      
County Treasurer2 6      
Register of Probate 6      
Register of Deeds 6        
Clerk of Courts 6        
Sheriff 6      
Town or ward party committees3 4    
State party commitee3 4    

Elect One

★★ Elect Two: There are three county commissioners in the county; two are elected in one election and one in the next election although some counties have special provisions that differ.

  1. There are two US. senators representing Massachusetts; their six year terms overlap and only one is elected when the senate seat is on the ballot.
  2. Some counties no longer elect commissioners or treasurers.
  3. Political party town, ward and state committee members are elected in the presidential primary held in March of the presidential election years. Voters also indicate their preference for president in the presidential primary. Party candidates for all other offices on this chart are nominated in the September state primary.