Court Approved State Representative Districts

The following are two tables and a map describing the state representative districts set forth in the remedial plan approved on April 16, 2004, by the United States District Court in the case of Black Political Task Force, et al v. William Francis Galvin, C.A. #02-11190-DPW, as being in compliance with the Voting Rights Act and the United States Constitution. These districts were approved by the Court on the condition that they be enacted into law by the Legislature, without amendment, no later than April 27, 2004.

The "Description of Approved Districts" table includes descriptions of several districts (the 2nd Suffolk, 8th Suffolk, 9th Suffolk, 17th Suffolk, and 18th Suffolk districts) which retain all the same precincts under the Court-approved plan as were included in such districts under the redistricting plan enacted in 2001 as Chapter 125 of the Massachusetts Acts of 2001. Please note, that unless otherwise noted, Wards and precincts referred to are located in the City of Boston.

Description of the Approved Districts (PDF)

Comparison of Approved Districts to 2001 Enacted Districts (PDF)

Approved District Map (PDF)

Court Order (PDF)

Letter to Candidates in Affected Districts (PDF)