Executive Offices

(Third Floor)

The curtain in the middle of the south wall of the Senate Chamber, directly opposite the Senate President's chair, is used only by the Governor to enter the Senate when it is in session. The curtain conceals the entrance to a hall which connects the Governor's office directly to the Senate.

Every governor has the opportunity to choose a portrait of a former governor to hang over the mantel in his office. Governor Dukakis had chosen Samuel Adams, governor. Governor Patrick chose to hang a portrait of former Governor John Andrew. Governor Baker has a portrait of former Governor Volpe above his mantel.

Floorplan of the State House
Photo of the interior of the Governor's Office

The Governor's Waiting Room. Portraits of recent governors hang in this room. If you enter the short hall to the right, you will see a portrait of George Washington. It was copied by Francis Alexander from an original painted by Gilbert Stuart. Since Stuart's portrait was the model for Washington's later portraits, it was left unfinished. Stuart's portrait was also the model for the likeness of Washington on the dollar bill.

The Governor's Office. To the left at the end of the hall is the governor's office. Stucco ornaments symbolizing the arts, liberty, justice, and executive powers decorate the walls. The portrait of a predecessor, selected by the incumbent governor, hangs over the Connemara marble fireplace behind the desk.

Council Chamber and Cabinet Room Across the hall is the room used for meetings by both the Council and the Cabinet.