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2019 Massachusetts Preservation Awards

Information on the 2019 Preservation Awards

In recognition of the challenge of preserving our national legacy, the Massachusetts Historical Commission (MHC) founded the Preservation Awards program. Awards are presented annually to preservation projects or individuals displaying an outstanding commitment to historic preservation in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Preservation Projects Fund

Massachusetts Preservation Projects Fund

The Massachusetts Preservation Projects Fund (MPPF) is a state-funded 50% reimbursable matching grant program established in 1984 to support the preservation of properties, landscapes, and sites (cultural resources) listed in the State Register of Historic Places. Applicants must be a municipality or nonprofit organization.

Massachusetts Historical Commission Survey and Planning Grant Program

Survey and Planning Grant Program Information

The Massachusetts Historical Commission Survey and Planning Grant Program is a federally funded, reimbursable, 50/50 matching grant program to support historic preservation planning activities in communities throughout the state. For Fiscal Year 2020, eligible applicants for Survey and Planning Grants include all local historical commissions, local historic district commissions, planning offices, and other eligible public and non-profit historic preservation organizations. The target planning figure for this FY 2020 matching grant round will be contingent on MHC's FY 2020 federal budget allocation, which has not yet been determined. Under federal law, MHC is required to pass through grant awards representing 10% of its total annual federal funding allocation to Certified Local Governments.