Contact Information

Note: This contact information is only for questions regarding records storage and retrieval services for state agencies. All others please contact Citizen Information Service to be redirected to the appropriate division.

Mailing Address:

Secretary of the Commonwealth
Records Center
220 Morrissey Blvd.
Boston, MA 02125

Telephone: 617-727-2816
Fax: 617-288-8429


Information for SRC Users

The Agency Records Center is not accessible to the public. Members of the public who wish to obtain access to or copies of government records should contact the creating agency directly.

The Massachusetts Archives is expanding its vault space for permanent, inactive records that are transferred to the custody of the Archives.

This expansion is occurring in space that formerly housed the State Records Center (SRC) for non-permanent records. The State Records Center is no longer accepting additional boxes and we are continuing to work with agencies to take back their non-permanent records. Please contact to discuss disposition of any records your agency may have on deposit.

There are no plans to re-open the SRC for additional transfers. The Operational Services Division has developed a statewide contract for off-site storage vendors that is available for use.

Apologies for any confusion that may exist regarding our expansion. If you do have permanent records that are eligible for custodial transfer to the State Archives, we would be happy to explore this with you, but we are unable to take additional non-permanent boxes going forward.