Fax Voucher Coversheet Instructions

General Information:

UCC 1, UCC 3 and UCC 11 filings can be accepted by fax at 617-624-3891.  Corporations, Limited Liability Companies and all other Business Entities can also be accepted by fax at 617-624-3891.

The Secretary of the Commonwealth's Fax Voucher Coversheets are designed to automatically route your filing to the appropriate queue for processing. Instructions to create Fax Voucher Coversheets may be found by clicking 3 Easy Steps To File By Fax.

The bar code at the top of the Fax Voucher Coversheet is encoded with special instructions that the system reads and uses to identify the specific type of filing that has been transmitted to the fax server.

Guidelines for using fax coversheets:

  • You must create and print a Fax Voucher Coversheet for each fax filing.
  • You must only use one Fax Voucher Coversheet per filing. Do not include any additional coversheets, such as your organization's coversheet.
  • If you submit more than one filing at a time, (i.e. during one fax transmission) you must separate each filing with its own Fax Voucher Coversheet. Please note: a Fax Voucher Coversheet may only be used once.
  • The bar-coded Secretary of the Commonwealth's Fax Voucher Coversheet must be the first page transmitted.
  • Do not write outside of the box in the middle of the coversheet. Stray marks may interfere with the system's ability to read the barcodes or make it difficult to read the filing.
  • Any two-sided document must be photocopied and submitted as a single-sided document.