Credit Card Processing Instructions


All online and fax filings require payment by credit card or e-check. For online filings, the payment process will automatically be started when you submit a filing. Fax filings use a secure site to make credit card and e-check payments with the use of a Fax Voucher Coversheet application.

Security Method:

The payment system accepts credit card payments (Visa, Master Card and American Express) and E-checks (electronic checks). For security reasons your credit card and/or bank information is processed at a secure web site. The Secretary of the Commonwealth does not retain any payment information.

You cannot start the payment process independently. The program can only be started by another part of the system (i.e., online filing). If you try to start the payment process without properly submitting an online filing, the system will display a warning message. This means that you can not bookmark the payment process then open it directly. Also, if you leave your browser unattended, the system will time-out and the warning message will appear.

Credit Card or E-Check Payment Fees:

Two separate fees are processed during a payment authorization: the filing fee and an expedited fee. The filing fee amounts will vary depending on the type of filing. The expedited fee is a charge that covers the cost of processing and maintaining online data that is made available to the public.

The filing fee and expedited fee are processed as separate payment transactions. You will receive two entries on your credit card bill or E-check statement: the filing fee and the expedited fee. Authorizations for both fees are performed while you wait. The response time for authorizing both fees can take 30 seconds, or more, depending on the network traffic on the World Wide Web. Both fees must be authorized. If one of the fees is not authorized, both payment transactions will be cancelled and authorization will fail.

Payment Information Entry:

The system will automatically start the payment process and display the information form.

Required information for paying with a credit card: credit card number, expiration date and billing address zip code for the credit card being used. Please note, the billing address zip code of your credit card must be the exact billing address zip code of the credit card and it must also be the zip code that your credit card company has on file for your card.

The credit card processor uses the billing address zip code in its Address Verification System (AVS). If the billing address zip code provided does not match with the billing address zip code your credit card company has on file, your credit card company will decline the charge.

Currently, the credit card payment system only accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Any other type of credit card numbers or any invalid credit card numbers will not be authorized. The system detects and determines the validity of each card number and each card type.

Required information for paying with E-check: name and billing address zip code for checking account, checking account number and bank routing number.

The filing fee and expedited fees are internally calculated. You cannot change these amounts. If you try and circumvent this screen to modify the amount, the amount will be ignored and will be properly calculated when payment is processed.

After you have entered your payment information you will submit the information by clicking the "Submit" button. When you submit the information, the system will display a review screen. If you want to cancel the payment process, click the "Cancel" button. If you cancel the transaction, the system will display a warning page. From the warning page you can click "Retry" to return to the information form to make corrections or click "Cancel" to terminate the transaction. No payment information will be stored.

Review Screen:

When you submit the payment information, the system will display a review screen. Please check to make sure that all of the information is correct. If something is incorrect, click the "Edit" button to return to the information form. If the information is correct, click the "Submit" button. The payment authorization process is now initiated.


The payment source is authorized through a secured line. If the transaction is successfully authorized, the system will display your Fax Voucher Coversheet/Payment Confirmation screen.

NOTE: The credit card transaction is authorized directly to the card issuer. This process may take 30 seconds or more. Online authorization is necessary for the successful submission of a filing.

If the payment system detects any types of errors with the credit card, (i.e., card reported stolen, fraud detected, incorrect billing address zip code or incorrect expiration date), the system will not allow the transaction to continue. If the credit card is declined, please contact your credit card company for their reason for the decline.