Fax Filing

Fax Filings are available for UCC and Business Entity Filings. All filings submitted by fax must have a bar coded Fax Voucher Coversheet as the only coversheet. Any fax filing submitted without the bar coded Fax Voucher Coversheet will be rejected.

Please note: A Fax Voucher Coversheet may only be used once.

3 Easy Steps To File By Fax

Step #1 - Locate and Complete your Filing Form

To locate a filing form, go to the Mail or Walk in section where the forms are in fillable PDF format and organized by the type of entity, then by you are filing for, then select the type of form needed.

Types of Filing Forms for Download

Step #2 - Create the Fax Voucher Coversheet

Click on the Create Fax Voucher Coversheet link below. Complete the form, select your filing category, filing type and in some cases respond to additional questions to enable the system to automatically calculate the correct filing fee.  The Expedited Fee will be correctly calculated. When the Fax Voucher Coversheet is complete, click submit and you will be automatically taken to a secure website where you will complete your payment. Complete your filing payment by using Visa, MasterCard, American Express or debit account or choose an E-Check (normal bank checking account). Print out your Fax Voucher Coversheet/Payment Confirmation sheet to be used for your fax filing.

Create Fax Voucher Coversheet

Step #3 - Assemble your fax and fax to 617-624-3891

Place the Fax Voucher Coversheet, as the first and only coversheet, on top of your fax filing and fax to 617-624-3891.

Your fax filing will generally be processed the same business day but in no event later than by the following business day. You may confirm your filing by visiting the Secretary of State Website www.sec.state.ma.us/cor and search the corporate database for your filing. If you do not see your filing it may not have been processed or has been rejected. You may check rejected filing by visiting www.sec.state.ma.us/cor and clicking on the ‘Search the Corporate Rejected Filings’. In all cases where you have difficulty, please call the Corporations Help Desk at 617-727-9640 between the hours of 8:45 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Please have a copy of your fax when you call. If you had difficulty printing the Fax Voucher Coversheet after you have completed payment, please have the Fax Voucher Number available for the Help Desk. The Fax Voucher Number can be found on your Fax Voucher Coversheet/Payment Confirmation.

PLEASE NOTE: Requests for Certificates and Certified Copies are no longer available by fax. These requests may be done online, walk-in or by mail. Any questions regarding these types of requests please call 617-727-9640.

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