E-mail Subscription Service

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The Corporations Division is excited to announce its new subscription email notification service.

The new service allows you to elect to receive the following types of notifications.

General Information – Any time the Corporations Division distributes information or notices to the general public, you will receive an email. Examples include changes to the corporate laws and/or rules and regulations, policies and procedures, website availability and any new services being offered by the Division.

Business entity record updates – (hereafter referred to as Record Updates) Any time a filing is posted to a business entity that you included on your User Profile Update page, you will receive an email notifying you of the filing.

Official Communications (hereafter referred to as Communications) – If you are a person authorized by the entity to receive official communications, you may subscribe to receive them by email. An entity may authorize more than one person to receive such communications. Examples of the type of communication that will be included are notice that the annual report is due, dissolution or revocation notice, or notice that the business entity must appoint a registered agent or maintain a registered office. Official communications will also be sent in the manner provided by law if applicable.

Official Communication does not include service of process.

For those wishing to establish a new subscription go directly to the New User Registration page.