Electronic Certificates

A limited type of certificates are available to be received via your contact e-mail. The current available list is:

  • Domestic Profit Corporations - Good Standing, Legal Existence, Dissolution
  • Foreign Corporations - Good Standing, Registration, Revocation, Withdrawal
  • Non Profit Corporations - Good Standing, Legal Existence, Dissolution
  • Domestic Limited Partnership - Legal Existence
  • Foreign Limited Partnership - Registration
  • Voluntary Associations & Trusts - Legal Existence, Fees Paid
  • Domestic LLC - Legal Existence
  • Foreign LLC - Registration
  • Domestic LLP - Legal Existence
  • Foreign LLP - Registration

It is not necessary to take special ordering action to receive certificates by e-mail. Simply order the certificate and if it is available via e-mail the E-Mail column on this Certificate Request Form will present a box. Check the box and you will receive the certificate via contact e-mail. If you do not check the box the certificate will be delivered through regular mail.

All e-mailed certificates will have affixed the Massachusetts State Seal with a unique certificate number as well as the state web site where the unique certificate number may be verified for authenticity.

If you experience difficulties with ordering certificates please call the Secretary's Call Center for citizen and corporate information at 617-727-9640.