Is there funding to fix my home?

Unfortunately there are no specific programs at the state or federal level that provide financial assistance to the owner-occupants of historic homes for their maintenance or restoration. Check with your municipality’s community development or planning office on whether there are any locally available homeowner assistance programs for which you might qualify. Municipalities that have adopted the Community Preservation Act (CPA) may have grant funds available for historic homeowners. If your community has adopted CPA, check with your local Community Preservation Committee.

The National Park Service’s Technical Preservation Services program provides technical assistance and guidance on the preservation of historic properties through a set of best-practices publications that are standard reference works for preservation professionals, local design review commissions, state and federal officials, and property owners. These include the Preservation Briefs and Preservation Technical Notes series. See:

The Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties provide a set of guiding principles for the preservation of historic properties. See: