Massachusetts 2020 Census

Secretary William Francis Galvin – Census Liaison

Get Involved Complete Count Committees/Subcommittes Action Plan
Get Involved

Information for Municipalities

Local government and neighborhood organizations are often trusted voices within a community that can encourage residents to fill out the census form. Having experience living and working within the community, the groups work hand-in-hand towards an accurate census count. To form your own Complete Count Committee that works towards census education and awareness within your community, read the materials below (i.e., 2020 Census Complete Count Committee Training Guide).

The best strategy is to educate the community and have meaningful conversations about the census. Listen to concerns, then explain why filling out the census form is in everyone’s best interest. With so much at stake, such as congressional apportionment and accurate population numbers that determine federal money for services people use, it’s more important than ever to have these conversations.

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