Massachusetts 2020 Census

Secretary William Francis Galvin – Census Liaison

Information for Off-Campus College Students

Get Involved Complete Count Committees/Subcommittes Action Plan
Get Involved

While students living on-campus will be counted at their dormitories with the support of residential staff, students living off-campus will receive a mail-out invitation to respond online or by phone followed by a paper form if no response is received.

Like on-campus college students, off-campus students should count themselves at the place where they live most of the time. For most students, this is a college city or town. All housemates and roommates living in a shared apartment will be included on the census form.

Because many off-campus students may leave their off-campus apartments when the semester ends, the non-response follow-up (NRFU) activities conducted by the Census Bureau will occur earlier in neighborhoods with high concentrations of college students. This follow-up operation is called “Early NRFU,” and will begin on April 9, 2020.

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