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How To Find Your Deed - Helpful Hints For Better Recordings

This notice is intended for a person who wishes to locate his or her own deed in the Registry of Deeds records. This notice is not intended to explain to a person how to do a title search. Title searching is technical and complex and often requires experienced legal knowledge to understand the full implications of recorded documents.

The Registry of Deeds maintains all of its records by referencing the names of the parties involved in the various documents. Documents may also be found by street address.

To find your deed:

  1. To find the book and page number using the computer system, start with the name that you have in either the Grantor Index (the Seller), or Grantee Index (the Buyer), or the number, street, and city or town. The computer systems will give you the book and page number for any property transferred from January 1, 1980 to the present. If the transfer occurred before 1983, you would have to search in the hard copy indexes using the last name of the Grantor or Grantee.

  2. When you find the correct name, the book and page will be listed on the computer screen, or if searching in the hard copies, the book and page numbers will be listed.

  3. If you wish to obtain a copy of the document, there are coin operated copy machines located on both floors. Copies are $.50 per page. For a certified document, bring your copy to the front desk and for an additional $.50 per page, your document will be certified. Documents recorded after January 1, 1982 are on optical scan and copy requests may be keyed in to the computer. The cost is $.50 per page, with an additional $.50 per page for certification.

Document Checklist (Effective July 1, 2003)

  1. Be sure that instruments conveying unregistered land comply with Chapter 183, Section 6A of Massachusetts General Laws. (Previous Book and Page or recorded plan or instrument creates no new boundaries.)

  2. If you are purchasing a documentary stamp and paying by check, you may use one check for the recording fees, tax stamp, and certified copies. The check should be made out to: COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSETTS.

  3. Document must be signed with an original signature and notarized if required. All signatures must match the printed names. Signers’ and notaries’ names must be printed under the signature. Notary expiration date is required.

  4. Place return address on the front of the first page in bottom left corner of document.

  5. Place address of the property in the left margin of the first page (number, street, city/town, zip) on deeds, mortgages and discharges. Location address must match legal description as provided with deeds and mortgages.

  6. Underline the marginal reference(s) requested if document requires a marginal reference. If not underlined, the marginal reference will not be entered.

  7. Leave margin 3” wide (across) by 2” long (down) in upper right corner of first page.

  8. Leave margin 3” wide (across) by 2” long (down) on bottom of last page of document.

  9. Place the total number of pages in document in upper left corner of first page.

  10. If the document refers to an attached exhibit, ensure the exhibit is attached. Place all exhibits and addenda at the end of the document.

  11. Multi page documents must not be stapled together. Use a paper clip.

  12. Document print size must be 10 point Times New Roman or larger. Use black ink only.

  13. Telephone number must be on all checks.

  14. We do not accept multi assignments, discharges, covenants, takings, etc. on one document. Each transaction is treated as a separate document and must be presented as such.

  15. On deeds, be sure consideration is stated.

  16. Releases, discharges, and assignments must have the book and page reference, not instrument number.

  17. All documents being recorded through a Probate Court authority must have the probate reference number.


Download a summary of the Document Checklist here. (PDF)