Requirement Checklist
for Document Recording

Hampshire Registry of Deeds

All documents must be legible and signed with an original signature or be legible, certified true-attested copy. If required, they must be notarized, and the signer and notary's name must be printed under the signature. The expiration date for the notary must be noted and must be legible

An excise tax applies to all deeds with a consideration greater than $100. The tax is $2.28 for each $500 or fraction of consideration.

Grantee's address must appear on all deeds, mortgages, and assignment of mortgages.

The affected premise must be noted on the first page of all deeds, mortgages, and discharge of mortgages.

The document must specify whether it is registered land and is to be recorded in Land Court.

Attachments are not allowed. A document that is recordable on its own will be recorded separately.

The "re-recording" of an original document to correct an error or omission is prohibited.

If the document refers to an attached exhibit, the exhibit must be attached.

Addresses and telephone numbers must be noted on all checks.

Checks for recording fees must be in exact amount and should be payable to the "Commonwealth of Massachusetts."

A self-addressed, stamped envelope must be included with documents submitted by mail

The documents will not be accepted for recording unless the foregoing requirements are met. There will be no exceptions.