Notice regarding “Certified Copies of Deeds/Property Assessment Profile” Solicitation

A private corporation is soliciting services from homeowners by offering to obtain a certified copy of your deed for an inflated fee. Please note, under the jurisdiction of the Secretary of the Commonwealth, a copy of your deed may be obtained from the Registry of Deeds at the cost of 50 cents per page. Certified copies are available at a cost of $1.00 per page. All requests must have a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Further, this private corporation also offers a “Property Assessment Profile,” which includes information relative to tax assessed value, tax delinquency, legal description, current owner information and parcel ID number.  Please be advised that this information is available from city and town assessor’s offices at no charge. Many assessors also have this information available online on their city/town website. In addition, comparable property sales can often be obtained from a licensed, reputable realtor in your area free of charge.