How To ...

Obtain Approval to Perform Marriages

The Commissions Section of the Public Records Division office assists people seeking information on how to perform a marriage in Massachusetts.

Take an Oath for a Gubernatorial Appointment

This office administers the oaths of office to gubernatorial appointments.

Find Notary Public Information

Notaries Public are appointed by the Office of the Governor. Applications for Notaries Public are filed with this office. If you have questions regarding an appointment, please call the Governor's Executive Council at 617-725-4016.

A journal to record notarial acts may be purchased at the State Bookstore in Room 116 of the State House, at various retail office supply stores, or on our website.

Obtain Certification (Apostille) of Documents

Only an office of the State Secretary may certify or place an Apostille on documents that leave the United States. The word “Apostille” is used to identify the certification placed on documents for recognition by an international body. Certification may be required for documents for an international adoption, diplomas issued by United States college or university and various business records.

Information on the Public Records Law

Under the authority of the Supervisor of Records, the Legal Section of the Public Records Division administers appeals from citizens who have been denied access to government records by public agencies, answers general questions regarding the Public Records Law and provides on-site training to government employees and their agents throughout the Commonwealth.

Store and Dispose of Government Records

The Records Management Unit operates under the mandates of the Supervisor of Records and the State Archives, assisting state, local, and county government entities in creating, managing, securing, and preserving the records they need to conduct business activities and to protect the rights and obligations of citizens and government.