OpenedAppeal No.StatusRequesterCustodianClosedDetermination
12-05-201620161124OpenAndrew McIsaacMassachusetts Department of Transportation 
12-05-201620161123OpenCraig P. ShibleyDepartment of State Police 
12-05-201620161122OpenRichard KachadorianMassachusetts Parole Board 
12-05-201620161121OpenAnthony DewBoston Office for Civil Rights 
12-05-201620161120OpenYisbert LaraMassachusetts Registry of Vital Records and Statistics 
12-05-201620161119ClosedAdam SandersDepartment of State Police12-05-2016
12-05-201620161118OpenDavid E. Lurie, Esq.Boston, City of - Law Department 
12-05-201620161117ClosedKenneth DascoliCommittee for Public Counsel Services12-05-2016
12-05-201620161116OpenDiego Ibarguen, Esq.Brockton, City of - Law Department 
12-05-201620161115OpenColman HermanExecutive Office of Elder Affairs 
12-05-201620161114OpenRonald AlexanderWellesley, Town of - Public Schools 
12-05-201620161113OpenAndrew McIsaacBraintree, Town of - Police Department 
12-02-201620161112OpenPhilip MarceloBoston, City of - Police Department 
12-02-201620161111OpenAndrew McIsaacQuincy, City of - Public Schools 
12-02-201620161110OpenRick RheinhardtExecutive Office of Public Safety and Security - Military Division 
12-02-201620161109OpenElliott TurnerBoston, City of - Law Department 
12-02-201620161108OpenHeather EvansGreenfield, Town of - Public Schools 
12-02-201620161107OpenMatthew RocheleauExecutive Office of Health and Human Services - Department of Public Health 
12-02-201620161106OpenAllen NitschelmActon-Boxborough Regional School District 
12-02-201620161105OpenRussell SeeligSpringfield, City of - Law Department 
12-02-201620161104ClosedNestor RamosBoston, City of - Mayor's Office12-02-2016
12-02-201620161103ClosedJohn SpauldingNatick, Town of - Public Schools12-02-2016
12-02-201620161102OpenMike BeaudetSomerville, City of - City Solicitor 
12-01-201620161101OpenCarrie DeAngeloTruro, Town of - Police Department 
12-01-201620161100OpenEugene F. RectorExecutive Office of Public Safety and Security - Department of Correction 
12-01-201620161099ClosedTom DugganBoxford, Town of - Police Department12-05-2016
12-01-201620161098OpenRonald AlexanderWellesley, Town of - Public Schools 
11-30-201620161097OpenJulie Connolly, Esq.Lynnfield, Town of - Conservation Commission 
11-30-201620161096OpenJulie Connolly, Esq.Lynnfield, Town of - Health Department 
11-30-201620161095ClosedRonald AlexanderWellesley, Town of - Public Schools12-02-2016
11-30-201620161094ClosedCaitlin RussellFairhaven, Town of - Board of Selectmen12-05-2016
11-30-201620161093ClosedStanley MazurczykChelmsford, Town of - Town Clerk12-02-2016
11-29-201620161092ClosedCarlton D. Hunt, Ph.DBridgewater, Town of - Finance Department12-02-2016
11-29-201620161091ClosedCarlton D. Hunt, Ph.DBridgewater, Town of - Finance Department12-05-2016
11-29-201620161090OpenEoin HigginsExecutive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs 
11-29-201620161089OpenRonald AlexanderWellesley, Town of - Board of Selectmen 
11-28-201620161088ClosedTom DugganBoxford, Town of - Police Department11-30-2016
11-28-201620161087ClosedLee Sherman, Esq.Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulations - Division of Insurance11-30-2016
11-28-201620161086ClosedIgor VerbitzkiBraintree, Town of - Fire Department11-29-2016
11-28-201620161085ClosedJulie FarrellTempleton, Town of - Town Administrator12-02-2016
11-28-201620161084ClosedRonald AlexanderWellesley, Town of - Public Schools11-30-2016
11-28-201620161083ClosedAndrew McIsaacQuincy, City of - Public Schools12-02-2016
11-28-201620161082ClosedAlycia Kennedy, Esq.Newton, City of - Law Department11-29-2016
11-28-201620161081OpenColman HermanOffice of the Auditor of the Commonwealth 
11-28-201620161080OpenJoshua EatonBoston, City of - Police Department 
11-23-201620161079ClosedRodolfo CarrBoston, City of - Police Department12-05-2016
11-23-201620161078ClosedPaul K. ConnollyMassachusetts Bay Transportation Authority12-02-2016
11-23-201620161077OpenRonald P. MattaBrockton, City of - Office of the Mayor 
11-22-201620161076ClosedTimothy J. MuiseMassachusetts Parole Board11-29-2016
11-22-201620161075ClosedScott J. McNamaraLawrence, City of - Legal Department11-23-2016
11-22-201620161074ClosedScott J. McNamaraLawrence, City of - Legal Department11-23-2016
11-22-201620161073ClosedRonald AlexanderWellesley, Town of - Public Schools12-02-2016
11-22-201620161072ClosedPatrick HigginsFreetown, Town of - Town Clerk11-23-2016
11-22-201620161071OpenCraig P. ShibleyOffice of the District Attorney - Worcester District 
11-21-201620161070ClosedRoy 'Skip' BourqueFitchburg, City of - Building & Zoning11-23-2016
11-21-201620161069ClosedWilliam M. PfitzerBoston, City of - Police Department11-23-2016
11-21-201620161068OpenSteve Chung, Esq.Boston, City of - Public Schools 
11-21-201620161067OpenHarold I. Resnic, Esq.Pittsfield, City of - Police Department 
11-21-201620161066OpenPatrick N. Bryant, Esq.Boston, City of - Police Department 
11-21-201620161065ClosedNeil S. Cohen, Esq.Canton, Town of - Public Schools12-02-2016
11-21-201620161064ClosedEmmett S. MuldoonQuincy, City of - Police Department11-30-2016
11-21-201620161063OpenCari Campen LaufenbergOffice of the Attorney General - Consumer Protection Division 
11-21-201620161062ClosedAndrew McIsaacExecutive Office of Health and Human Services11-23-2016
11-21-201620161061ClosedRonald AlexanderWellesley, Town of - Public Schools12-02-2016
11-21-201620161060ClosedPatrick GrayFlorida, Town of - Town Administrator11-21-2016
11-21-201620161059ClosedJohn A. HawkinsonSecretary of the Commonwealth - Elections Division11-21-2016
11-18-201620161058ClosedBenjamin MaddisonHampden County Juvenile Court11-21-2016
11-18-201620161057OpenCaitlin RussellYarmouth, Town of - Town Administrator 
11-18-201620161056OpenJohn L. Fink, Esq.Executive Office of Public Safety & Security - Department of Public Safety 
11-18-201620161055ClosedMark KaeppleinArlington, Town of - Police Department12-02-2016