Securities Latest Updates

Secretary Galvin Fines LPL Financial $250,000 for Failure to Supervise the State's Senior Designation Rule

Secretary Galvin Charges Securities America in Failure to Supervise Ads Aimed at Seniors

Secretary Galvin Charges Waltham Man with Securities Fraud

Secretary Galvin in Conjunction with the State of Alabama Charges Alabama Group in Ponzi Scheme Fraud on Massachusetts Investor

Secretary Galvin Charges Uxbridge Man with Ponzi Scheme in Affinity Sale of Unregistered Securities

Secretary Galvin Charges Plymouth Man and Firm for Acting as Unregistered Investment Advisers, Orders California Funds to Offer Refunds and Pay a Civil Penalty for Selling Unregistered Mortgage Loans

Secretary Galvin Settles Failure to Supervise Charge with Merrill Lynch for $2.5 Million

New Massachusetts Crowdfunding Regulation and Summary and Highlights

Secretary Galvin Charges Merrimack Valley Company and Principals in a Multi-Level Marketing Pyramid Scheme

Secretary Galvin Charges Newton Couple with Fraud in Real Estate Investments

Secretary Galvin Charges North Easton Man With Fraud In Elderly Relatives’ Account—Warns Investors Against Giving Access To Brokerage Accounts

Secretary Galvin Enters Settlement with Fidelity Co-operative Bank to Set up a $3.5 Million Fund for Massachusetts TelexFREE Victims

Secretary Galvin Charges Boston Company And Two Principals With Fraudulent Sale Of Real Estate Investments To Seniors

Secretary Galvin Calls For Timely And Understandable Disclosure Of Changes In Employer 401K Plans (PDF)

Secretary Galvin Charges Second Multi-Level Marketing Operation With Fraud In A Pyramid Scheme

Secretary Galvin Warns of Illegal Pyramid Schemes Disguised as Multi-Level Marketing Businesses (MLMs)

Secretary Galvin Charges Marlboro Firm with Fraud in Multi-Level Marketing Scheme Targeting Brazilian-Americans

Secretary Galvin Charges Somerset Man in Securities Scam

Secretary Galvin Moves to Bar East Longmeadow Investment Adviser for Fraudulent and Unethical Business Practices

Secretary Galvin Moves Against Rogue Broker-Dealer

New CORI Requirements for Investment Adviser Representative Applications

Crowdfunding: Tips to Help Get You Ready for Equity Crowdfunding (PDF)

Secretary Galvin Orders Halt to Multi-level Marketing Operation that Targeted Massachusetts Brazilian Community

Switch Investment Advisers Report (PDF)

Massachusetts-Registered Investment Adviser Compliance with Custody and Independent Verification Requirements (November 14, 2013) (PDF)

Secretary Galvin Fines Citigroup Unit $30 Million for Research Analyst Misconduct

Secretary Galvin Charges Peabody Man With Defrauding Senior Citizens

Secretary Galvin Urges SEC to Insist on Fiduciary Standards for Broker-Dealers – Releases Survey Results of MA IAs’ Overwhelming Disapproval for Change in Fiduciary Standard

Secretary Galvin Settles With Five Independent Broker Dealers for Improper Sales of REITs - Returning Over $11 Million to Massachusetts Investors

Secretary Galvin Charges Malden Man In Affinity Fraud On Kenyan Community

Secretary Galvin Fines Deutsche Bank Securities $17.5 Million for Conflicts in Marketing Collateralized Debt Obligations

Secretary Galvin Orders LPL Financial to Return $2 Million to Investor Victims

Secretary Galvin Fines Morgan Stanley $5 Million for Investment Banking’s Improper Influence Over Analysts in the Facebook IPO

Secretary Galvin Fines Citigroup Unit $2 Million for Research Analysts’ Improper Disclosures of Material Nonpublic Information Including the Facebook IPO