Investor Education Brochures



What You Need To Know

Illegal Pyramid Schemes Crowdfunding Danger of Credit Cards
How to get free credit reports How to avoid Identity theft 529 College Savings Plans
Know the credit card rules 529 College Savings Plans
front end mutual fund sales charged: breakpoints Mutual Funds Sold at Banks

Protect Your Finances

Do's and Dont's for Investors 8 tips to avoid phishing scams top ten financial scams
Investor tips for a down market Ponzi Schemes
Promissory Notes Help Combat Military Fraud

Tips for Older Investors

How to take charge of your money How to avoid investment fraud and abuse Protect Youself from the Grandparent Scam


Educating consumers on the importance of making wise investment choices is a priority of the Massachusetts Securities Division. To that end, the Division provides consumers with necessary information by distributing, free of charge, various publications, brochures, videos and teaching guides. In addition, the Division sponsors various educational programs for teachers, students and the general public on saving, investing and fraud prevention. For more information or to request a speaker for an upcoming event, contact the Massachusetts Securities Division at 1-800-269-5428.