Preliminary Request for Public Comment on Proposed Fee Table for State-Registered Investment Advisers

June 21, 2018 - Jim Beaulieu

Subject: Fee Table comment
From: James Beaulieu
June 21, 2018

I reviewed the proposed fee table.  

I think the intentions are good, however my concern lies with yet another item to comply with. As a small RIA compliance takes up a large piece of my available time.  You are adding to this with each seemingly small regulation.  How many other states will add something like this, will they all be different, will I need a customized document for each state.   Clients ask what our fees are and how they are charged now.  There is enough transparency  already for RIA’s already.  Go after insurance products especially fixed index annuities where there is a real issue of clients getting ripped off.  

Jim Beaulieu
President, Beaulieu Financial Services, LLC
Registered Investment Advisor
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