Preliminary Request for Public Comment on Proposed Fee Table for State-Registered Investment Advisers

February 7, 2018 - Valerie Haggerty

Subject: Proposed fee table
From: Valerie Haggerty
February 7, 2018

Consumers are already bombarded with paperwork when hiring an investment adviser.  One more piece of paper or another table isn’t going to make things any more transparent.  Those fees on the table are already spelled out in two places - first on form ADV as provided to the account holder and again in the investment management agreement signed prior to commencement of services.  Consumers are already overwhelmed with the sheaf of papers being delivered to them.  Adding one more table/schedule/information sheet solves nothing and does nothing to help matters in any way.

Further, it’s one more needless burden placed on good and honest investment advisers who are already burdened with so much paperwork and box checking it’s a wonder they have time to provide the advisory services they wish to offer.

Please do not put through this extra burden of preparing an additional schedule.  It’s superfluous.  

Valerie Haggerty