Advisory Opinions

The following are copies of Advisory Opinions issued by the Lobbyist Section pursuant to the new law effective January 1, 2010. Unless requesters have provided to the Lobbyist Section written consent to publish their names and identifying information, any such information contained in the following advisory opinions has been redacted pursuant to G.L. c. 3, s. 41, which operates via G.L. c. 4, s. 7(26)(a) of the Public Records Law.

LAO/17-45 (PDF)

LAO/16-44 (PDF)

LAO/15-43 (PDF)

LAO/15-42 (PDF)

LAO/13-41 (PDF)

LAO/12-40 (PDF)

LAO/12-39 (PDF)

LAO/11-38 (PDF)

LAO/11-37 (PDF)

LAO/11-36 (PDF)

LAO/11-34 (PDF)

LAO/11-33 (PDF)

LAO/11-32 (PDF)

LAO/10-31 (PDF)

LAO/10-30 (PDF)

LAO/10-29 (PDF)

LAO/10-28 (PDF)

LAO/10-27 (PDF)

LAO/10-26 (PDF)

LAO/10-25 (PDF)

LAO/10-24 (PDF)

LAO/10-23 (PDF)

LAO/10-22 (PDF)

LAO/10-21 (PDF)

LAO/10-20 (PDF)

LAO/10-19 (PDF)

LAO/10-18 (PDF)

LAO/10-17 (PDF)

LAO/10-16 (PDF)

LAO/10-15 (PDF)

LAO/10-14 (PDF)

LAO/10-13 (PDF)

LAO/10-12 (PDF)

LAO/10-11 (PDF)

LAO/10-10 (PDF)

LAO/10-9 (PDF)

LAO/10-8 (PDF)

LAO/10-7 (PDF)

LAO/10-6 (PDF) — Please be advised that with respect to the opinion labeled LAO/10-6, the version originally issued inadvertently omitted certain background information. The opinion has been updated to include the relevant information, and the corrected version appears herein.

LAO/10-5 (PDF)

LAO/10-4 (PDF)

LAO/10-3 (PDF)

LAO/10-2 (PDF)

LAO/10-1 (PDF)

LAO/09-7 (PDF)

LAO/09-6 (PDF)

LAO/09-5 (PDF)

LAO/09-4 (PDF)

LAO/09-3 (PDF)

LAO/09-2 (PDF)

LAO/09-1 (PDF)