2020 Ward and Town Committees

Party ward and town committees are elected at the Presidential Primaries every four years. Committees range in size from 3 to 35 members.

Unless your currently organized ward or town committee votes to change the number of members to be elected and notifies the Secretary of the Commonwealth by August 1, 2019, the committee will be allowed to elect the same number of members as it did at the 2016 Presidential Primaries.

Please consult the information below for more information on how to run for ward or town committee, how many members your committee elected at your last Presidential Primary, and the form that your committee may use to change the number to be elected on March 3, 2020.

Ward and Town Committee Election Information

2016 Ward and Town Committee Number of Members to be Elected*:

2020 Presidential Primary Change Number to be Elected Form

*Unorganized Green-Rainbow and Libertarian ward and town committees will be automatically allotted 10 members to be elected.