State Ballot Question Petitions

Checklist for Gathering Signatures

  1. Collect only signatures from one city or town on nomination papers designated for that city or town. Signatures from another city or town will be disallowed.
  2. All signatures must be legible and signed substantially as registered.
    • If the registrars can determine the identity of the voter from the form of the signature then the name shall be considered signed substantially as registered according to the law.
    • The law allows the voter to insert or omit a middle name or initial and still have the signature deemed valid.
    • Voters should sign both their first and last names. For example: Helen Jones should not sign as "Mrs. John Jones."
    • It is wise to have a list of registered voters or a street listing with you to verify the exact form of registration.
  3. Ballot question petitions require the voter’s address where he or she is currently registered.
  4. If a voter signs incorrectly or makes an error, do not erase or make changes. Leave the incorrect line intact and ask the voter to sign his or her name and address again on the next line. An altered or illegible signature may be disallowed or challenged.
  5. ?Persons who are prevented from signing by physical disability may authorize another individual to sign for them in the voter’s presence.
  6. No person may sign for another unless the voter is physically disabled. One spouse may not sign for another.
  7. Collect and submit more signatures than the law requires. Many may be disallowed or challenged.