A Message From Secretary Galvin

William Francis Galvin Secretary of the CommonwealthDear Voter, The Power is Yours!

Elections make decisions that affect our daily lives. This November you will have the power not only to choose state leaders, but also to participate directly in the law making process. On the ballot, you will be asked to make important decisions regarding:

  • Eliminating the state personal income tax;
  • English language education in public schools.

The 2002 Information for Voters website contains each statewide ballot question with a summary, as well as effects of both yes and no votes and arguments for and against each issue. This year a non-binding question will also appear on the ballot to determine whether you support public money being used to fund political campaigns for public office in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The information contained in this website will assist you in making a thoughtful decision before you enter your polling place. Unfortunately, the wording of ballot questions is sometimes confusing. The website will simplify the task of determining your views on each question.

As the Commonwealth’s Chief Public Information Officer, I have also included a listing of helpful telephone numbers and services provided by my office. I strongly urge you to read the enclosed material carefully and even bring it to the voting booth if you wish. Most importantly, exercise the most essential right of our democratic system and vote on Tuesday, November 5, 2002. Polling places throughout Massachusetts will be open from 7:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. and absentee ballots are easily available.

Very truly yours,
William Francis Galvin
Secretary of the Commonwealth

¡Atención, ciudadanos de habla hispana! La Secretaría de Estado ha publicado este folleto en castellano. Para solicitar ejemplares gratuitos de la versión castellana intitulada Información para votantes, que incluye el texto completo de las propuestas, sírvase llamar a la División de Elecciones al teléfono 617-727-7030 si se encuentra en Boston o, si está fuera del área metropolitana de Boston, sírvase llamar al 1-800-392-6090 (esta llamada es gratuita).