Information about the
Goods and Services Bulletin

The Goods and Services Bulletin is a weekly publication containing solicitations for the procurement of commodities and services (which, generally, are unrelated to construction of public facilities). State purchases of goods and procurements of certain services or consultants are published, while municipal contracts exceeding $100,000 are required to be advertised pursuant to the Uniform Procurement Act (M.G.L. c. 30B). Notices advertising sole source procurements and the availability of surplus property are also published in the Bulletin.

New Online Subscription Service

This new service allows users to access the Goods and Services Bulletin electronically at the touch of a button. You can search a state or local government bid notice by agency name, publication date or by description. This subscription service is available for a rate of $43.00/yr (including an expedited fee of $6.00). Please click the “New Online Subscription Service” link, if you wish to subscribe.

Please note that the printed version is no longer available.