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about the Central Register

The Central Register is the weekly source for information about state, county and municipal contracts being put out to bid for the design, construction and reconstruction of public facilities in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Invitations to bid, lists of contractors picking up specifications on a weekly basis, and final awards of contracts are all published. Proposals and advertisements for the lease, sale or transfer of real property are published; as are lists of certified minority and women contractors and contractors who have been debarred from state work.

New Online Subscription Service

This new service allows users to access the Central Register electronically at the touch of a button. You can search a state or local bid notice by agency name, publication date or by description. This subscription service is available for a rate of $100.00/yr (including an expedited fee of $8.50). Please click the "New Online Subscription Service" link, if you wish to subscribe.

Please note that the printed version is no longer available.