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524 CMR - Elevator Regulations, Board of

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524 CMR 1.00 - 35.00

Scope & Administration;Elevator, Escalator, Dumbwaiters and  Moving Walks: Definitions; Accident and Injury Reporting Requirements; Elevator contractors; Practical Tests and Inspections; Operation of Non-automatic Elevators; Requirements for Permits & Inspections of existing Elevators Undergoing Alterations & Replacements; Elevators Placed out of Service or Decommissioned; Certain Elevator Equipment Used as Motor Vehicle Parking Devices; Stage, Orchestra, and Organ Console Elevators; Casket Lifts Installed in Licensed Funeral Homes, Memorial Chapels or Preparation Rooms; Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors; Safety Code for Elevators & Escalators A17.1-2013 & the Mass. Modifications to that Code; Personal Hoists & Employee Elevators on Construction & Demolition Sites; Safety Requirements for Material Hoists; Safety Standards for Platform Lifts & Stairway Chairlifts. $9.00

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