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521 CMR - Architectural Access Board

521 CMR 1.00 - 47.00

Part A, Administration; Authority; Purpose and Scope; Jurisdiction; Appeal and Variance; Definitions; Space Allowance and Reach Ranges;

Part B, Building Types; Retail Establishments; Transient Lodging Facilities; Multiple Dwellings; Public Use and Common Use Spaces in Multiple Dwelling; Commercial Buildings; Educational Facilities; Medical Care Facilities; Places of Assembly; Detention Facilities; Houses of Worship; Restaurants; Transportation Terminals; Recreational Facilities;

Part C, Exterior; Accessible Route; Curb Cuts; Walkways; Parking and Passenger Loading Zones;

Part D, Interior; Ramps; Entrances; Doors and Doorways; Stairs; Elevators; Floor Surfaces; Public Toilet Room; Bathing Rooms; Kitchens; Dressing, Fitting and Changing Rooms; Storage; Tables and Seating; Drinking Fountains; Public Telephones; Automated Teller Machines (ATMs); Controls; Alarms; Signage;

Part E, Dwelling Units; Group 1 Bathrooms; Group 1 Kitchens; Group 2 Bathrooms; Group 2 Kitchens; Group 1 Bedrooms; Group 2 Bedrooms. $13.15