State Bookstore Catalog

220 CMR - Telecommunications and Energy, Department of

220 CMR 1.00 - 24.00

Procedural Rules; Adoption of Rules; Tariffs, Schedules and Contracts (Other Than Commercial Motor Vehicle); Standard Cost of Gas Adjustment Clause; Residential and Commercial Energy Conservation Service Program Cost Recovery; Sales of Electricity by Qualifying Facilities & On-Site Generating Facilities to Distributing Companies & Sales of Electricity by Distribution Companies to Qualifying Facilities & On-Site Generating Facilities; Cost Recovery for Major Electric Company Generation Investments; Rules Governing the Restructuring of the Electric Industry; Standards of Conduct for Distribution Companies and their Competitive Affiliates; Consumer Protection from the Unauthorized Changing of Local or Long Distance Telephone Service Providers; The Unbundling of Services Related to the Provision of Natural Gas; Rules Governing the Recovery Expenses Relating to the Provision of Wireless Enhanced 911 Services, Dual Party TTD/TTY Message Relay Services and Adaptive Equipment Services by Telecom. Carriers; Long-term Contracts for Renewable Energy; Standards of Performance for Emergency Preparation & Restoration of Service for Electric Distribution & Gas Cos.; Steam Distribution Cos.; Competitively Solicited Long-Term contracts for Renewable energy; Notification of Vegetation Maintenance Activities for Transmission Rights-of-Way; Competitively Solicited Long-Term Contracts for Offshore Wind Energy; Competitively Solicited Long-Term Contracts for Clean Energy. $11.35

220 CMR 25.00 - 49.00

Billing and Termination Procedures of the Department of Public Utilities; Security Deposits Applicable to Non-Residential Customers; Elimination of the Practice of Gas and Electric Companies of Requiring a Deposit from Residential Customers as a Condition to Furnishing Utility Service; Billing Regulations for Condominiums; Billing Procedures for Residential Rental Property Owners Cited for Violation of the State Sanitary Code 105 CMR 410.354 or 105 Cmr 410.254; Optional Formula for Determining Allowed Rates of Return on Equity for Water Companies; Sample Test Procedures for New Residential and Small Commercial Gas Meters; Automatic Telephone Dialing Systems; Rates, Terms and Conditions for Cable Television Attachments.  $4.35

220 CMR 50.00 - 52.00

Uniform System of Accounts for Gas Companies; Uniform System of Accounts for Electric Utilities; Uniform System of Accounts for Water Companies. $9.65

220 CMR 53.00 - 74.00 and 100.00 - 113.00

Procedures For The Determination of Violations of Codes Adopted by The Department of Public Utilities Pertaining to the Safety of Pipeline Facilities And The Transportation of Gas and for Enforcement of Said Codes; Minimum Safety Standards For Liquefied Natural Gas Facilities; Minimum Safety Standards For Gas Piping Systems; Massachusetts Gas Distribution Code; General Requirements; Design, Operation and Maintenance of Liquefied Petroleum Plants and Related Facilities; Abandonment of Gas Service Lines and Leakage Survey Procedures; Control of Drug Use; Construction of Streets, Places and Ways, Except Residential Driveways, Over, along or across High Pressure Gas Mains Operating at Pressures in Excess of 200 psig; Design, Operation, Maintenance and Safety of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Plants and Facilities; Operation, Maintenance, Replacement, and Abandonment of Cast-iron Pipelines.  $4.35

220 CMR 75.00 - 99.00

The Preservation of Records of Electric, Gas, and Water Utilities; Voting Trust Certificates of Public Utilities; Accounting Treatment of Investment Tax Credit for Utilities; Annual Return Form to be Filed by Gas and Electric Companies and Municipal Lighting Plants; Procedures for the Determination of Violations of M.G.L. c. 82, 40 and for Enforcement of Said Section (“Dig Safe”);  $4.35

220 CMR 125.00 and 126.00

Installation and Maintenance of Electric Transmission Lines; Underground Electric Supply and Communication Lines 50,000 Volts and Below. $3.15

220 CMR 149.00 - 156.00

Procedures for the Determination of Violations and for Enforcement of M.G.L. c. 159A and M.G.L. c. 159B;  Rail Fixed Guideway System: Safety System; Program Standard; Sureties Required of Operators of Motor Vehicles for the Carriage of Passengers for Hire; Certificates Running to the Register of Motor Vehicles; Operation of Motor Vehicles for the Carriage of Passengers for Hire under a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity Charter License; Special Service or School Service Permit; Transportation of Hazardous Materials by Rail. $4.35

220 CMR 250.00 - 274.00

Transportation Division Practice; Motor Carriers and Brokers; Rates for Towing Motor Vehicles; Regulations Governing the Distribution and Maintenance of Telecommunications Devices for the Deaf and Specialized Customer Premises Equipment to Residential Subscribers with Disabilities; Transportation Network Companies. $2.45