State Bookstore Catalog

105 CMR - Health, Department of Public

105 CMR 100.00 - 119.00

Determination of Need. $3.15

105 CMR 120.00

Massachusetts Regulations for the Control of Radiation (MRCR) $35.00

105 CMR 121.00 - 129.00

To Control the Radiation Hazards of Lasers, Laser Systems and Optical Fiber Communication Systems Utilizing Laser Diode or Light Emitting Diode Sources; Nonionizing Radiation Limits For: The General Public From Non-occupational Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields, Employees from Occupational Exposure to Electro-magnetic Fields, and Exposure From Microwave Ovens;Tanning Facilities;Provision of Thyroid Blocking Agents; Regulations Governing the Licensing of Radiologic Technologists; Licensing of Mammography Facilities; Health Insurance Consumer Protection; Health Insurance Open Enrollment Waivers. $7.85

105 CMR 130.00 - 133.00

Hospital Licensure Regulations. $6.15

105 CMR 134.00 - 149.00 

Use of Blood, Blood Components, and Derivatives for the Purpose of Transfusion; Licensure of Clinics; Licensure of Hospice Programs; Operation and Maintenance of Birth Centers; Standards Governing Cardiac Rehabilitation Treatment; Licensing of Out-of-hospital Dialysis Units in Massachusetts. $9.65

105 CMR 140.00

Licensure of Clinics. $4.35

105 CMR 142.000

Operation and Maintenance of Birth Centers. $1.05

105 CMR 150.000 - 159.000

Licensing of Long-term Care Facilities; General Standards of Construction For Long-term Care Facilities in Massachusetts; Licensure Procedure and Suitability Requirements For Long Term Care Facilities; Patient & Resident Abuse Reporting, Investigation, Penalties & Registry; The Training of Nurses' Aides in Long-term Care Facilities; The Registration and Operation of Temporary Nursing Service Agencies; Licensing of Adult Day Health Programs.  $15.75 

105 CMR 160.000 - 169.000

Acute Care Inpatient Substance Abuse Detoxification Treatment Services; Short Term Intensive Inpatient Treatment Centers; Licensure of Substance Abuse Outpatient Services; Halfway Houses For Alcoholics; Approval of Residential Alcohol Treatment Programs For Operating Under the Influence Offenders; Methodology for Set. $7.85

105 CMR 170.000 - 172.000

Implementation of M.G.L. c. 111C, Governing Ambulance Services and Coordinating Emergency Medical Care; Massachusetts First Responder Training; Implementation of Massachusetts General Laws c. 111, and 111C, Regulating of Infectious Diseases Dangerous to the Public Health. $4.35

105 CMR 180.00 - 199.00

The Operation, Approval and Licensing of Clinical Labor. $2.45

105 CMR 200.000 - 299.000

Physical Examination of School Children; Head Injuries and Concussions in Extracurricular Athletic Activities; Minimum Standards Governing Medical Records and The Conduct of Physical Examinations in Correctional Facilities; the Administration of Prescription Medications in Public and Private Schools;Standards of School Wellness Committees; Mass. Wellness Tax Credit Incentive; Immunization of Students before Admission to School; Promoting Awareness of Menengococcal Disease & Vaccine; Massachusetts Immunization Information Systems (MIIS); Nutrition Standards for Competitive Foods & Beverages in Public Schools; Criteria for Insurance Coverage of Bone Marrow Transplants for Breast Cancer Patients; Prohibition against Certain Fishing in New Bedford Harbor; Testing of Newborn Children for Treatable Diseases; Postpartum Depression Screening & Reporting. $7.85

105 CMR 300.000 - 399.000

Reportable Diseases and Isolation and Quarantine Requirements; Cancer Registry Regulations;Confidential Birth Information; Safe Driving; Cremation of Bodies Received from Outside Massachusetts; The Vaccination of Dogs and Cats against Rabies; Treatment of Persons Exposed to Rabies; Tuberculosis Treatment Unit Standards for Admission, Treatment, and Discharge; Standards for Management of Tuberculosis Outside Hospitals; Approval of Bacteriological and Serological Laboratories. $6.15

105 CMR 400.000 - 419.000

State Sanitary Code Chapter I: General Administrative Procedures; Minimum Standards of Fitness for Human Habitation (State Sanitary Code: Chapter II:). $3.15

Information for Tenant's Package

105 CMR 410.00 - 419.00; 940 CMR 3.17; and M.G.L. c. 186, 15B; Public Health: State Sanitary Code; Article II, Attorney General: Landlord/tenant Relationships; Security Deposit Law. $4.35

105 CMR 420.000 - 499.000

Housing and Sanitation Standards for Farm Labor Camps (State Sanitary Code: Chapter III); Rights of Visitation for Migrant Workers; Minimum Sanitation and Safety Standards for Recreational Camps for Children (State Sanitary Code: Chapter IV); Minimum Requirements for Personal Flotation Devices for Minor Children at Municipal Recreational Programs & Camp; Minimum Standards for Swimming Pools (State Sanitary Code: Chapter V); Minimum Standards for Developed Family Type Campgrounds (State Sanitary Code: Chapter VI); Minimum Standards for Bathing Beaches (State Sanitary Code: Chapter VII); Minimum Health and Sanitation Standards and Inspection Procedures for Detention Centers; Minimum Health and Sanitation Standards and Inspection Procedures for Correctional Facilities; Lead Poisoning Prevention and Control; Maintenance and Construction of Lockup Facilities; Storage and Disposal of Infectious or Physically Dangerous Medical or Biological Waste State Sanitary Code Chapter VIII.  $15.75

105 CMR 460.00

Lead Poisoning Prevention and Control. $3.15

Lead Poisoning Prevention Package

Includes: 105 CMR 460.00; 454 CMR 22.00 and 454 CMR 23.00. $6.15

105 CMR 480.00

Storage and Disposal of Infectious or Physically Dangerous Medical or Biological Waste State Sanitary Code Chapter VIII. $.35

105 CMR 500.000 - 529.000

Good Manufacturing Practices for Food. $4.35

105 CMR 590.000 - 595.000

Sanitary Code Article X - Minimum Sanitation Standards for Food Establishments. $3.15

105 CMR 600.00 - 649.00

Approved Manual Choke-saving Procedures; Bedding, Upholstered Furniture and Related Products; Plastic Bags and Plastic Film. $1.75

105 CMR 650.00 - 661.00

Hazardous substances; Cigarette and Smokeless Tobacco Products and Nicotene Ratings; Regulations Implementing Chapter 270, §22. $1.75

105 CMR 670.00

Right to Know. $4.35

105 CMR 670.00 Package 

Right to Know (includes 310 CMR 33.00, 454 CMR 21.00 and M.G.L. c. 111F: Implementation of M.G.L. c. 111F, Employee and Community “Right to Know; “Right to Know”  Law M.G.L. c. 111F; Hazardous Substances Disclosure by Employers). $7.85

105 CMR 671-675

Requirements to Maintain Air Quality in Indoor Skating Rinks (State Sanitary Code, Chapter XI). $1.05

105 CMR 700.000 - 719.00 and 721.00 - 899.00

Implementation of M.G.L. c. 94C; Standard for Approved Prescription Format & Security in Massachusetts; Dispensing Procedures for Pharmacists; Implementation of M.G.L. c. 94d; the Controlled Substances Therapeutic Research Act; Implementation of an Act for the Humanitarian Medical Use of Marijuana. $6.15

105 CMR 720.00

List of Interchangeable Drug Products. $2.45

Pharmacy Package

105 CMR 700.000 - 719.000; 721.000 - 899.000; 801 CMR 1.00 - 3.00; 247 CMR 1.00 - 21.00 Public Health; Administration and Finance; Board of Registration of Pharmacy. $15.75

105 CMR 900.000 - 970.000

Licensure of Research Institutions Using Dogs or Cats in Research and Education; Establishing a Uniform Schedule of Assessments for Direct Pay Patients at the Department of Public Health Hospitals; Biotechnology; Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Manufacturer Conduct. $4.35


Administrative Bulletin: Massachusetts Substance List for Right-to-Know Law and M.G.L. c. 111F. $13.15

Comprehensive School Health Manual. $50.00

Directory of Health Care Facilities. Includes: nursing homes, hospitals, clinics, home health agencies, etc. $3.15

Federal Food Code.  $15.75

Federal Food Code Annex. $19.25