Upstairs Gallery

Road to Revolution: the Occupation of Boston

This exhibit commemorates the 250th anniversary of the British occupation of Boston beginning in 1768. On the evening of September 28th fourteen British warships, at anchor in Boston Harbor, launched skyrockets to illuminate the fleet. Soldiers sang “Yankee Doodle” as a taunt to provincial Bostonians. The following day British soldiers debarked at Long Warf and occupied Faneuil Hall, the “Old State House” and Boston Common. They were sent to Boston to suppress protests of the Townshend Acts that placed duties on lead, paint, paper, and tea.

Using documents from the Massachusetts Archives the exhibit tells the story of growing conflict between townspeople and redcoats leading up to the Boston Massacre. Thanks to Boston 250 and the Massachusetts Society of the Cincinnati for their support of educational programs that celebrate the ideals of the American Revolution.