Historic Places for Historic Parties

The Massachusetts Historical Commission is pleased to present the new and expanded Historic Places for Historic Parties booklet. This publication is prepared as part of a continuing effort to provide the public with information on historically significant locations for wedding receptions, conferences, private banquets, and other special events.

The Massachusetts Historical Commission is responsible for identifying, evaluating, and protecting historical properties in the Commonwealth. The histories of the properties listed in this publication reflect the rich heritage of Massachusetts that MHC seeks to preserve. Rental use of these historical properties not only keeps our state's heritage flourishing, but also provides the public with interesting alternatives for function space.

This publication is published as a public service, and therefore no establishment paid a fee for having its property included. Information regarding new listings and updated profiles was acquired through questionnaires and phone inquiries. The MHC recognizes the importance of accuracy in each establishment's profile and strives to keep all information current. If you recognize information as inaccurate or outdated, please notify us. In addition, if you know of an historic property that rents function space, and is not included in this publication, please contact us with the information, and it will be explored for the next edition of Historic Places for Historic Parties.

Finally, in an attempt to serve all citizens of the Commonwealth better, this publication includes limited information regarding each establishment's accessibility. Due to the unique architectural features of each property, levels of accessibility vary widely. No on-site surveys were performed by MHC staff to assess accessibility. Therefore, the MHC recommends contacting each facility to understand fully the details of its accessibility and to arrange for staff assistance, which is available in most cases.

Historic Places for Historic Parties (9th edition) can be purchased at the State House Bookstore (617-727-2834), or online at this link.