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Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs
One Ashburton Place, Room 819
Boston, MA 02108
Tel: 617-619-5611

Statutorily known as the Office of Geographic and Environmental Information, MassGIS staff maintains several large format color plotters and a large format scanner, promotes and guides spatial data development, and supports the approximately 60 GIS users throughout EOEA's departments and offices. MassGIS is now also responsible for coordinating GIS activities across the Commonwealth, and with advising state agencies and regional planning agencies. MassGIS also collaborates on projects with federal agencies, sets data development standards, and provides documents and other technical resources to cities and towns. MassGIS solicits advice from and reports regularly to the Statewide Geographic Information Advisory Committee. Through MassGIS, the Commonwealth has created a comprehensive, statewide database of spatial information. MassGIS distributes data and selected maps from this database to the public and provides a variety of on-line map viewers for displaying the database.