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William Francis Galvin
Secretary of the Commonwealth
Citizen Information Service

Welfare/Social Services: Rates

S17 Center for Health Information and Analysis (CHIA)
501 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02116-4704
Tel: 617-701-8100

The Center for Health Information and Analysis is an independent agency created by Chapter 224 of the Acts of 2012, “An Act Improving the Quality of Health Care and Reducing Costs through Increased Transparency, Efficiency and Innovation,” for the purposes of providing reliable information and meaningful analysis for those seeking to improve health care quality, affordability, access, and outcomes. CHIA’s duties include collecting, analyzing, and disseminating health care information to assist in the formulation of health care policy and in the provision and purchase of health care services; providing an analysis of health care spending trends as compared to the health care cost growth benchmark established by the Health Policy Commission; partnering with the General Court and other state agencies like the Executive Office of Health and Human Services, the Department of Public Health, the Department of Mental Health, the Health Policy Commission, the Office of Medicaid (MassHealth), and the Division of Insurance to collect and disseminate data concerning the cost, price, and functioning of the health care system in the Commonwealth and the health status of individuals; and reporting to consumers comparative health care cost and quality information through the consumer health information website.

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