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Transportation: Aviation and Maritime

Q2 Aeronautics Division

Q3 Massachusetts Port Authority

Q4 Logan International Airport

Q5 Hanscom Field

Q6 Worcester Regional Airport

Q7 Air Traffic Inquiries

Q8 Raymond L. Flynn Cruiseport

Q2 Aeronautics Division
Massachusetts Department of Transportation
One Haborside Drive, Suite 205N
Boston, MA 02128-2909
Tel: 617-412-3680

The Aeronautics Division has jurisdiction over the Commonwealth's 42 public use airports, which are either municipally or privately owned, seaplane bases, and private use landing areas. It is responsible for aircraft safety, airport development and improvements, aviation safety, aircraft accident investigation, navigational aids, and statewide aviation planning. It certifies airports and heliports, licenses airport managers, conducts annual airport inspections, and enforces safety regulations.

Q3 Massachusetts Port Authority (MASSPORT)
One Harborside Drive, Suite 200S
Boston, MA 02128-2909
Tel: 617-568-5000

The authority, through its aviation and maritime departments is responsible for the operation and maintenance of commercial aviation facilities at Logan International Airport, Worcester Regional, and Hanscom Field and the maritime facilities in the Port of Boston.

Q4 (General Edward Lawrence) Logan International Airport
Massachusetts Port Authority
One Harborside Drive
Boston, MA 02128
Customer Service Toll Free: 1-800-23-LOGAN (5-6426)
Excessive Noise (Aircraft) Complaint Line: 617-561-3333
Ground Transportation to Logan, Toll Free: 1-800-23-LOGAN (5-6426)

Logan International Airport is the largest passenger and air cargo airport in New England.

Q5 (Laurence G.) Hanscom Field
200 Hanscom Drive
Bedford, MA 01730
Tel: 781-869-8000

Hanscom Field is a general aviation airport.

Q6 Worcester Regional Airport
375 Airport Drive
Worcester, MA 01602
Tel: 508-849-5550

Worcester Regional is a general aviation airport.

Q7 Air Traffic Inquiries
Federal Aviation Administration
1200 District Avenue, #3
Burlington, MA 01803
Tel: 781-283-7500

Inquiries and complaints concerning air traffic patterns may be directed to this office.

Q8 Raymond L. Flynn Cruiseport
One Black Falcon Avenue
Boston, MA 02210
Tel: 617-330-1500

Formerly the Black Falcon Cuise Terminal, this is Boston's passenger ship pier currently serving 19 major cruise lines.

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