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William Francis Galvin
Secretary of the Commonwealth
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State Administration/Revenue: Excise Taxes

P26 Miscellaneous Tax Unit
Department of Revenue
200 Arlington Street
Chelsea, MA 02150
Tel: 617-887-5060
Alcoholic Beverages Excise: 617-887-5120
Cigarette Excise: 617-887-5090
Gasoline: 617-887-5070
Motor Carriers (Fuel Decals and Permits, Diesel Fuels, Motor Fuels Excise): (617) 887-5060
Special Fuels: 617-887-5040

The Miscellaneous Tax Unit is responsible for decisions on motor fuel decals and licenses, processing the tax returns associated with a variety of excise taxes, and other miscellaneous matters. For questions on necessary filing requirements, call this unit. Public access to the office is limited, so it is recommended that those in need of assistance call first.

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