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Citizens' Guide to State Services

Published by
William Francis Galvin
Secretary of the Commonwealth
Citizen Information Service

State Administration/Revenue: Commissions

P10 State Ethics Commission
One Ashburton Place, Room 619
Boston, MA 02108
Tel: 617-371-9500
Toll Free: 1-888-485-4766
Fax: 617-723-5851
Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00-5:00

The Ethics Commission, which was established as an independent enforcement agency, is responsible for administering the Conflict of Interest and the Financial Disclosure laws which apply to all state, county, and municipal employees and officials. The commission investigates alleged violations of these two statutes and imposes civil fines for substantial violations. It will provide legal advice to any public employee concerning the Conflict of Interest Law prior to engaging in the activity in question. The commission also offers free educational seminars and explanatory materials upon request. The commission is composed of five members, three of whom are appointed by the Governor, and one each by the Attorney General and the Secretary of the Commonwealth.

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