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Public Safety/Law Enforcement: Corrections / Pardons / Parole

L4 Department of Correction

L5 Massachusetts Correctional Industries

L6 Department of Youth Services

L7 Massachusetts Parole Board

L8 Massachusetts Sentencing Commission

L4 Department of Correction (DOC)
Executive Office of Public Safety
50 Maple Street, Suite 3
Milford, MA 01757
Tel: 508-422-3300

The Department of Correction is responsible for the care and custody of adults sentenced by court to the state correctional system. There are 18 facilities, ranging from maximum to pre-release security levels. All facilities provide vocational, educational, recreational, psychiatric, and counseling services to their inmates and some offer programs in farming and industry. The mission of DOC is to protect the public. It does this by balancing the need to isolate offenders from society against the need to provide opportunities and programs for reformation in anticipation of the offenders' eventual reintegration into society. The DOC facilities are listed as follows:

Boston Pre-Release Center
Bridgewater State Hospital
Lemuel Shattuck Correctional Unit
Massachusetts Treatment Center
MCI Cedar Junction
MCI Concord
MCI Framingham
MCI Norfolk
MCI Plymouth
MCI Shirley
North Central Correctional Institution at Gardner
Northeastern Correctional Center
Old Colony Correctional Center
Pondville Correctional Center
South Middlesex Correctional Center
Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center

L5 Massachusetts Correctional Industries (MassCor)
Department of Corrections
One Industrial Drive, Building A
P.O. Box 188
Norfolk, MA 02056
Toll Free: 1-800-222-2211

The mission of Correctional Industries (MassCor) is to instill a positive work ethic in inmates by providing training and skills through work opportunities and to ensure the highest level of customer service by providing a quality product at a competitive price. In an effort to develop strong work habits and employable skills, MassCor operates manufacturing plants at various facilities. MassCor employs more than 350 inmates in several institutions where emphasis is placed on developing strong work habits and employable skills that can be used by the offender when they are returned to the community. Among the products manufactured by MassCor are binders, Braille transcription, business cards, clothing, decals, embroidery, eyeglasses, flags, furniture, letterhead, license plates, metal products, pillows, printing, sheets, and pillow cases, signs, silk screening, towels, and face cloths, mattresses and box springs, and wastebaskets. These products are sold primarily to state and local government entities and are also available for sale to private entities.

Regional Office:

Shirley Showroom
Harvard Road, Building 18
Shirley, MA 01464
Tel: 978-514-6789

L6 Department of Youth Services (DYS)
Executive Office of Health and Human Services
600 Washington Street, 4th Floor
Boston, MA 02211
Tel: 617-727-7575

This juvenile corrections agency is responsible for providing a broad range of services to delinquent youths between the ages of seven and twenty-one. The department provides pre-trial detention for youths held in lieu of bail awaiting court action, as well as long-term treatment for youths who are adjudicated delinquent and committed to the agency by the courts. Its rehabilitation services are designed to change behavior by providing alternatives to violence through educational and psychological counseling (with emphasis on those who are substance abusers, sexual offenders, etc.) and vocational training. The agency operates a gradual reintegration model, geared to provide juvenile offenders with a smooth transition back into the community, which includes secure treatment, group and foster homes, outreach and tracking, and alternative community placement. There are several regional offices, call or visit their website for further information.

L7 Massachusetts Parole Board
Executive Office of Public Safety and Security
12 Mercer Road
Natick, MA. 01760
Phone: 508-650-4500
Toll Free: 1-866-480-6272
Fax: 508-650-4599

The Parole Board monitors statutorily-established parole eligible dates, prepares case files for consideration, and supervises released offenders. It also acts as the Advisory Board of Pardons. To apply for a pardon, obtain forms by contacting the Parole Board or the:
Governor's Council
State House, Room 184
Boston MA 02133
Tel: 617-725-4015, 4016.

L8 Massachusetts Sentencing Commission
John Adams Courthouse
One Pemberton Square
Boston, MA 02108
Tel: 617-788-6867

The Truth In Sentencing Law, MGL Chapter 211E, was conceived as a way to ensure that punishments handed down in Massachusetts Courts fit the crime committed, while taking into consideration any special circumstances involved. To accomplish this, the legislation created a state sentencing commission to design guidelines for judges to refer to when sentencing a convicted criminal.

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