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Public Safety/Law Enforcement: Inspection

L19 Office of Public Safety and Inspection
One Ashburton Place, Room 1301 (Scheduled to move to 1000 Washington Street Boston, MA 02118 on June 29, 2018)
Boston, MA 02108-1618
Tel: 617-727-3200
TTY: 617-727-4266
24/7 Emergency Tel: 508-820-1444
Fax: 617-248-0813

All amusement devices in Massachusetts must be licensed and are regulated and inspected by the Office of Public Safety and Inspection, Amusement Division. The inspectors of this division are also responsible for the safe operation of tramway rides such as any device used to transport riders uphill on skis, or in cars on tracks, or suspended in the air, by the use of steel cables, chains or belts or by ropes, and usually supported by trestles or towers with one or more spans. The term tramway includes chair lifts, J bars, T bars, platter pulls, rope tows, and moveable conveyor belts, horse and carriage vehicles, and includes inflatable devices such as “bounce houses”, and bungee jumping. Prior to owning or operating an amusement device, a license must be granted by the division. In addition, criminal background checks are required of certain amusement employees. Each amusement device must be registered with the Department annually and inspected according to the regulations.
The Board of Building Regulation and Standards is responsible for the inspection of all existing state-owned buildings, hospitals, clinics, and rest homes as well as for the plan review/inspection of all new state-owned buildings; it also issues construction supervisor licenses (CSL), construction permits and occupancy certificates and provides technical assistance to local building officials. In addition, it licenses motion picture operators. The Engineering division is responsible for the inspection of boilers, pressure vessels, and other equipment or devices for conformance to safety laws, standards, rules and regulations covering power plant engineers and firemen, oil burner technicians, solid fuel burning appliances, refrigeration technicians, heavy equipment and hoisting operators, sprinkler fitters, pipefitters, nuclear power plant operators. In the event of an accident, the inspectors make an investigation to determine the cause, and to prosecute violators of the law with regard to the areas.
The Board of Elevator Regulations regulates the construction, installation, alteration and operation of all elevators in Massachusetts. The term "elevator" includes moving stairways, dumbwaiters, moving walks, material lifts, vertical reciprocating conveyors, and dumbwaiters with automatic transfer devices, wheelchair lifts, automatic people movers and other associated devices that are commonly included within the elevator industry. All elevator constructors, maintenance men, repairmen, and operators must be licensed by the Board. This is a partial listing of inspection, licensing, permitting and areas of interest under the Office of Public Safety and Inspection. For a full account please visit their website.

Regional Offices:

50 Maple Street
Milford, MA
Closed June 22, 2018

One Amory Street
Building 15, 2nd Floor
Springfield, MA 01103
Tel: 413-736-3628

Tewksbury Hospital
365 East Street
Tewksbury, MA 01776
Tel: 978-851-7321, ext. 2183

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