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Health: Agriculture

H2 UMass Extension Service
101 University Drive, Suite C1
Amherst, MA 01002-2376
Tel: 413-545-4800
Fax: 413-545-6555
Extension Bookstore: 413-545-2712
Extension Bookstore Fax:(413) 545-5174

This is a three-way partnership of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the University of Massachusetts, and the County Extension Service. It is organized on a county level with its state director at the University of Massachusetts. Working through the college staff and county and regional specialists, each office provides educational assistance, information, and guidance on three major areas: the AgroEcology Program, which assists agriculturalists and communities through research, education, and outreach, to progress toward ecologically and economically sustainable and socially responsible agricultural land management systems; the 4-H Youth and Family Development Program for youth and others at risk programs to cope with the frustrations of poverty, to promote self-confidence and develop practical life skills, job readiness, science and technology literacy, diversity education, and environmental stewardship; the Nutrition Education Program which provide individuals, families and communities with the knowledge and skills to make informed choices about healthy diets (the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP); reduce risks of food-borne illness (Food Safety Program) and chronic disease and efficiently manage food resources that support their physiological health and economic and social-well being (Nutrition and Health Program); and the Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation Program which provides educational programs and materials to a diverse public, enabling people to make informed decisions and take action to preserve or enhance the quality, productivity and sustainability of natural resources and natural systems. There are several regional offices; call, or click for the nearest location.

Additional agricultural information available from the Department of Agricultural Resources, see G2.

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