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Environment/Energy: Energy

G10 Department of Public Utilities

G11 Department of Energy Resources

G12 Siting Division

G10 Department of Public Utilities (DPU)
Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs
Administration Division
One South Station
Boston, MA 02110
Tel: 617-305-3500
Fax: 617-345-9109

The Administration Division of the Department of Public Utilities regulates the rates and practices of the state's utilities including electricity, gas, water, and telecommunications companies, as well as bus companies, commercial motor vehicles, and to a limited extent, railroads. The department has information on hearing lists and notices and copies of DTE decisions, which are available by visiting the website or by writing or calling, and requesting the decision by its docket number. Consumer information is available in the Consumer section, or for more detailed information on all DPU divisions in the Utilities section.

G11 Department of Energy Resources (DOER)
Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs
100 Cambridge Street, Suite 1020
Boston, MA 02114
Tel: 617-626-7300
TTY: 617-727-2404
Fax: 617-727-0030
Hours: Monday-Friday 8:45-5:00

This office formulates energy policy for the governor and deals with all forms of energy resources ranging from energy conservation, solar energy, wind power, and nuclear power to the supply and pricing of natural gas, gasoline, and oil. It is involved in a wide spectrum of programs designed to inform the public, the business community, and governmental offices of the vast potential of energy conservation and renewable energy. Materials available through the department include information on grants and loans, tax credits, and other financial incentives for solar and other renewable resource users.

G12 Energy Facilities Siting Board
Department of Public Utilities
One South Station, 5th Floor
Boston, MA 02110
Tel: 617-305-3525
Fax: 617-443-1116

The Siting Division reviews long-range forecasts of supply and demand from all electric and gas utilities in the Commonwealth. It approves new energy facilities, including power plants, transmission lines and substations, gas pipelines, storage, liquefaction, and production facilities. It acts as lead agency for the development of hydroelectric power, including new dam sites or refurbished sites. The division also issues certificates of environmental need and public necessity for much-needed facilities, certifies oil refineries, and issues eminent domain orders for oil pipelines.

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