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Published by
William Francis Galvin
Secretary of the Commonwealth
Citizen Information Service

Education/Arts: Educational Resources and Television

E12 Massachusetts Educational Media (MEM)
WGBY Educational Services
44 Hampden Street
Springfield, MA 01103
Tel: 413-781-2801

MEM is a service of the WGBY/WGBH Educational Services. Originally contracted by the Massachusetts Department of Education, and now an independent entity, it administers and provides over 1000 educational television programs and support print materials to all schools in the Commonwealth via open-air broadcast (WGBH Channel 44 in Boston and WGBY Channel 57 in Springfield). It assists schools in expanding their use of MEM programs via broadcast and other media distribution, e.g. cable, tape duplication, and utilization kits. In addition, WGBY/WGBH Educational Services offer a variety of programs that teachers may borrow for a three-week period. Titles include select programs produced by WGBY and WGBH. Their website points educators in the right direction for teacher guides, lesson plans and exciting educational links. MEM also plans to have interactive forums for information sharing and dialogue. The programs continue to align with the Frameworks as well as national educational goals. To receive a complete list of available programs, call or visit their website.

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