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Business/Economic Development:
Business Financial Assistance & Economic Development

A2 Department of Business Development

A3 Massachusetts Office of Business Development

A4 Massachusetts Small Business Development Center

A5 Massachusetts Office of Small Business and Entrepreneurship

A6 Supplier Diversity Office

A7 Massachusetts Office of International Trade and Investment

A8 Massachusetts Film Office

A9 Massachusetts Sports Partnership

A10 Massachusetts Export Center

A11 Seaport Advisory Council

A12 Massachusetts Capital Growth Corporation

A13 Massachusetts Alliance for Economical Development

A14 Massachusetts Business Development Corporation

A15 Massachusetts Capital Resource Company

A16 Massachusetts Development Finance Agency

A17 Massachusetts Technology Collaborative

A18 Massachusetts Technology Development Corporation

A19 Devens Enterprise Commission

A2 Department of Business Development (DBD)
Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development
One Ashburton Place, Room 2101
Boston, MA 02108
Tel: 617-788-3610
Fax: 617-788-3605

The Department of Business Development works to achieve its fundamental policy objectives of full employment and economic growth by fostering economic development and creating employment opportunities for the citizens of the Commonwealth. It provides assistance to the unemployed and the underemployed; it helps Massachusetts businesses obtain the human, financial, and technological resources that they need to maintain economic growth; and it promotes tourism, outside investment in the Massachusetts economy, and domestic and foreign market opportunities for the state's businesses. Its components include the Massachusetts Office of Business Development, Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism, Massachusetts Office of International Trade and Investment, the Supplier Diversity Office, the Office of Small Business & Entrepreneurship, and the Seaport Advisory Council. The office also provides general policy oversight for the following quasi-public agencies engaged in economic development initiatives (although it does not manage or control them): the Commonwealth Corporation, Massachusetts Capital Growth Corporation, Massachusetts Development Finance Agency, Massachusetts Alliance for Economic Development, Massachusetts Business Development Corporation, Massachusetts Capital Resource Company, Massachusetts Corporation for Educational Telecommunications, Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency, Massachusetts Small Business Development Center, Massachusetts Technology Collaborative, Massachusetts Technology Development Corporation. Its Economic Stabilization Trust Fund offers short-term gap financing for small and medium-sized companies and provides management consulting assistance to firms. It also oversees the Commonwealth Economic Development Fund, which was created under Chapter 151, section 639 of 1996, for employers of at least 1,000 workers who have been displaced by a casualty destroying the facility or a portion thereof. The fund seeks to train/re-train such workers, to re-establish their old jobs, or provide other benefits to the workers.

A3 Massachusetts Office of Business Development (MOBD)
Department of Business Development
One Ashburton Place, Room 2101
Boston, MA 02108
Tel: 617-788-3610
Toll Free: 1-877-BIZTEAM (249-8326 nationwide)
Fax: 617-788-3605

The Massachusetts Office of Business Development serves as the state's principal development agency. It assists in the expansion and location of businesses in Massachusetts and is also responsible for the promotion of Massachusetts as a business location. It provides direct assistance to businesses. Specific assistance is provided in expediting the permit process, in obtaining capital, and other forms of financial assistance from public and quasi-public finance agencies, in offering an inventory of site locations, in identifying and obtaining training assistance, and in overseeing a corporate child care program. MOBD is responsible for the Small Business Development Centers (see A4 below). It also is a collaborating partner in the Massachusetts Export Center. There are several regional offices, please call or visit their website for contact information.

A4 Massachusetts Small Business Development Center (MSBDC))
227 Isenberg School of Management
University of Massachusetts
121 Presidents Drive
Amherst, MA 01003-9310
Tel: 413-545-6301
Fax: 413-545-1273

Massachusetts small Business Development Centers are part of a nationwide program established to provide individualized management assistance that draws on the resources of the academic community, federal, state and local government and the private sector. Founded by the U.S. Small Business Administration and the Massachusetts Office of Business Development, combined with the contributions of participating universities, regional centers provide basic MSBDC services of one-to-one management/technical assistance and sponsor educational programs for small businesses in a given geographical region. There is a network of five regional One-Stop Business Centers at the present time. These centers provide all of the services that the main MOBD office offers. Topics covered include all areas of international business, including general "how-to" export programs, as well as country-specific, topic-specific and industry-specific programs. Partners for Trade seminars are co-sponsored with various partners throughout Massachusetts, including many chambers of commerce and local economic development institutions. There are several regional offices; call or visit their website for further information.

A5 Massachusetts Office of Small Business & Entrepreneurship
Department of Business Development
10 Park Plaza, Suite 3730
Boston, MA 02116
Tel: 617-973-8543
Fax:  617-973-8554

The Massachusetts Office of Small Business and Entrepreneurship works with the Commonwealth's many service providers of technical assistance and financing, as well as directly with small businesses to provide an atmosphere of success. We want to understand small business needs, provide appropriate programs, and advocate policy to enable growth and job creation.

A6 Supplier Diversity Office (SDO)
Department of Business Development
One Ashburton Place, 13th floor
Boston, MA 02108
Tel: 617-502-8831
Fax: 617-502-8841

Formerly the State Office of Minority and Women Business Assistance (SOMWBA) the Supplier Diversity Office (SDO) promotes the development of certified minority business enterprises (MBE), women owned (WBE) business enterprises, and minority non-profit (M/NPO) and women (W/NPO) controlled non-profit organizations or disadvantaged businesses and publishes a directory listing verified firms. Specifically, SDO offers services in certification, enforcement, business assistance and advocacy. SDO is Massachusetts' certification agency for state purchasing, and the office also certifies disadvantaged business enterprises (DBE) for participation on contracts funded by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT). SDO offers pre-certification workshops monthly throughout the state, provides management and technical assistance referrals, and organizes seminars and workshops for minority and woman entrepreneurs on a wide variety of business topics.  SDO publishes and also provides internet-based directories of certified firms with information about public and private sector procurement opportunities, business assistance agencies and organizations, ect.; and also publishes a quarterly newsletter, the Certified Business Bulletin (CBB), mailed to certified companies. Through its resource and referral service the office may direct and assist business to utilize various public business development and assistance programs, including State Purchasing in which the Commonwealth has set purchasing goals for certified minority/woman-owned contractors and businesses through Massachusetts Affirmative Market Program. Minority Business Financing in which a MOBD business finance specialist can direct owners to several targeted financing programs including the Community Development Finance Corporation's Urban Initiative Fund, the Economic Development Fund and the Massachusetts Community Capital Fund; Business Management Counseling in which the Massachusetts Small Business Development Centers' Minority Business Assistance Center (MBAC), located at University of Massachusetts Boston's College of Management, 617-287-7750, provides free counseling and technical assistance to start-ups and smaller businesses. The program provides small to medium sized, new or existing Massachusetts businesses interested in growth and counseling on the elements of a strategic business plan, access to market research reports, workshops and development with a variety of resources to help evaluate resources and opportunities. The center seeks to serve the various minority communities located in the Greater Boston region through informed assistance in business growth and economic development strategies. There are also specialized Minority Business Assistance Centers with multilingual services throughout the network.

A7 Massachusetts Office of International Trade and Investment
Department of Business Development
Boston Fish Pier
East Builing One, Suite 300
Boston, MA 02210
Tel: 617-830-5400
Fax: 617-457-7851

The Office of International Trade and Investment (also known as the International Trade Council), stimulates export development through an export assistance program and promotes foreign investment in Massachusetts industries. The export assistance program encompasses the following aspects: product sector marketing, foreign market development, and general export services. Specific services include one-on-one corporate counseling for new-to-export companies, coordination of foreign buying missions to Massachusetts for trade, investment, and strategic partnerships, and hosting periodic industry and market seminars on overseas trade opportunities. The purpose of foreign investment solicitation is to assist in the revitalization and diversification of the base of traditional Massachusetts industries and to attract foreign investment into new areas of production and technology. The office publishes a Massachusetts Export Services Directory.   Through its partnership with the Massachusetts Export Center, companies can access specialized counseling services specific to particular countries or regions of the world.

A8 Massachusetts Film Office (MFO)
10 Park Plaza, Suite 4510
Boston, MA 02116
Tel: 617-254-6101
Fax: 617-254-6108

The office promotes Massachusetts as an ideal filming location.

A9 Massachusetts Sports Partnership
10 Guest Street
Boston, MA 02116
Tel: 617-254-6101
Fax: 617-254-6108

The offices promotes Massachusetts as an ideal sporting location.

A10 Massachusetts Export Center
Massachusetts Small Business Development Center
10 Park Plaza, Suite 4510
Boston, MA 02116
Tel: 617-973-8664
Partners for Trade Program:(413) 545-6309
Fax: 617-973-8681

Recognizing the need to make export services easily accessible to companies, the Massachusetts Export Center was established to serve as a one-stop resource for export assistance. Companies can access a wide variety of export assistance, including: export readiness assessments; one-on-one export counseling; export workshops, training programs and conferences; overseas market research, statistics and trade leads; international marketing activities; a network of international offices; meetings with visiting international business delegations; export financing; a newsletter; and international business publications. The center is a cooperative effort of the Massachusetts Small Business Development Center, the Massachusetts Trade Office, the Massachusetts Office of Business Development, and the Massachusetts Development Finance Agency. In addition, through its partnership with the Massachusetts Small Business Development Center, the Export Center has representatives located in Holyoke, New Bedford, and Worcester to work with companies on a local level.

Regional Offices:
Holyoke Tel: 413-552-2316
New Bedford Tel: 508-999-1388
Worcester Tel: 508-929-8844

A11 Seaport Advisory Council
Massachusetts Seaport Council
40 Center Street
Fairhaven, MA 02719
Tel: 508-999-3030
Fax: 508-999-6442

This state government council was created by executive order to advise the Governor about seaport development policy and funding and to coordinate all seaport development activities in the Commonwealth.  The council oversees implementation of infrastructure improvement, harbor dredging, and intermodal transportation facilities. Not only are traditional waterfront facilities such as docks, piers, cold storage and warehousing improved, but a completely integrated double-stack rail network across the state will be established. There are five ports in Massachusetts: Boston, Fall River, Gloucester, New Bedford and Salem.

Quasi-Public Agencies:

A12 Massachusetts Capital Growth Corporation (MGCC)
155 Federal Street, Suite 202
Boston, MA 02110
Tel: 617-523-6262
Fax: 617-523-7676

Formerly the Massachusetts Community Development Finance Corporation (CDFC), MGCC is a quasi-public economic development agency, provides debt and equity financing for small business and real estate projects in targeted low-income and moderate-income communities throughout the Commonwealth. All projects of the agency must meet MGCC's investment standards as well as assist in the creation of jobs, affordable housing, or commercial development. Business investments must be located in a community which has a local Community Development Corporation (CDC). All real estate loans go directly to CDCs. MGCC structures its investments to encourage private financial institutions to participate. Its Minority and Women's Contractor Bond Support Program assists contractors to meet surety standards so they can qualify for bid, payment, and performance bonds. MGCC is run by a nine-member board appointed by the governor for staggered five-year terms. Other programs include the Venture Capital Program which provides debt and equity financing for small businesses with investments ranging from $100,000 to $250,000. The Real Estate Program provides flexible short-to-medium term financing for CDC-sponsored real estate projects; the Urban Initiative Fund expands the capacity of minority-owned businesses and community organizations through loans, grants and technical assistance.

Commonwealth Enterprise Fund

MGCC is the fund manager of the Commonwealth Enterprise Fund (CEF), a Specialized Small Business Investment Company (SSBIC). CEF is owned and capitalized by the Massachusetts Minority Enterprise Investment Corporation (MEIC), a multi-bank holding company. CEF provides capital as well as management and technical assistance for minority and disadvantaged businesses in Massachusetts.

A13 Massachusetts Alliance for Economical Development
892 Worcester Street, Suite 110
Wellesley, MA 02482
Tel: 781-489-6262
Fax: 781-489-6263

This office is a private-public partnership bringing together members of the state's utilities, telecommunications companies, and real estate associations with the Massachusetts Office of Business Development. It serves as a central source of available properties information to expanding and relocating companies, as well as to promote the retention and expansion of businesses within the Commonwealth.

A14 Massachusetts Business Development Corporation (MassBusiness)
500 Edgewater Drive, Suite 555
Wakefield, MA 01880
Tel: 781-928-1100
Fax: 781-928-1101

This office specializes in subordinated debt lending. MassBusiness is a resource for companies seeking working capital, fixed asset, and business acquisition and or expansion.

A15 Massachusetts Capital Resource Company
420 Boylston Street, 5th Floor
Boston, MA 02116
Tel: 617-536-3900
Fax: 617-536-7930

Massachusetts-based life insurance companies fund MCRC, a privately owned limited partnership, as a source of risk capital for Massachusetts businesses.

A16 Massachusetts Development Finance Agency (MassDevelopment)
160 Federal Street
Boston, MA 02110
Tel: 617-451-2477
Toll Free: 1-800-445-8030 (within Mass. only)
Fax: 617-451-3429

With the consolidation of the Massachusetts Government Land Bank and the Massachusetts Industrial Finance Agency, the Massachusetts Development Finance Agency, (MassDevelopment) is the Commonwealth's primary source of public financing for economic development projects. The agency's programs include the Predevelopment Assistance Funding Program which seeds community development by funding pre-construction analyses associated with early-stage projects. The agency also provides direct loans and loan guarantees for projects with clear community development or job creation/retention potential. It is the Commonwealth's largest issuer of tax-exempt and taxable bonds for manufacturers, environmental businesses, health and elder-care providers as well as for nonprofit and educational institutions. A Tax-exempt Lease/Purchase Financing Program is available for industrial development and other non-profit agencies.
In addition, MassDevelopment administers a variety of targeted loan funds including the Emerging Technology Fund, which is a useful financing tool for economic growth for technology-based communities, and the Export Finance Guarantee Program, which is designed to enhance the overall scope of export activities in the state while helping exporters expand and compete in the global marketplace. Finally, the agency provides concentrated financing and technical assistance to large-scale real estate development projects such as the redevelopment of the Devens Commerce Center, formerly Fort Devens, as well as a variety of other projects across the state. There are several regional offices, call or visit their website for further information.

A17 Massachusetts Technology Collaborative (MTC)
75 North Drive
Westborough, MA 01581
Tel: 508-870-0312
Fax: 508-898-2275

Massachusetts Technology Collaborative is a quasi-public economic development organization established by the state to develop renewable energy. The collaborative was established by law (MGL Ch. 40J), in partnership with state government, industry, and the public and private universities of Massachusetts, to support an expanding technology-based economy for the Commonwealth, through the creation and operation of shared-use technology centers.


A18 Massachusetts Technology Development Corporation (MTDC)
40 Broad Street, Suite 230
Boston, MA 02109
Tel: 617-723-4920
Fax: 617-723-5983

MTDC is an independent state agency and which makes investments in new and expanding technology-based companies within the Commonwealth. As a leading edge venture capital firm, MTDC finances companies which have the capacity to expand and generate new jobs, but which have been unable to secure from private sources sufficient capital to fund such expansion. MTDC also provides management assistance to emerging companies by referring them to appropriate alternative sources of funding.

A19 Devens Enterprise Commission
33 Andrews Parkway
Devens, MA 01434
Tel: 978-772-8831, ext. 3313
Fax: 978-772-7577

Chapter 498 of the Acts of 1993 created an independent area formerly known as Fort Devens. Presently, the commission is encouraging business development there. Call or click for further information.


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