Common Search Tips

Agency Name/Description - The computer will perform a search on EXACTLY what is typed. This includes spaces and punctuation; therefore, in order to broaden your search and increase your search results, it is recommended you use as few characters as possible for the initial search.  For example, a search for "rock salt" may provide a few results, but a search for "salt", would provide many more results.

If both Agency Name and Description requests are made, only results will be shown with both criteria met.

When requesting publish dates, the exact publish date is not required, but a group is recommended.  For example, if an entry was published on 11/09/1999, a request of 11/08/1999 will not produce the result.  If the date range of 11/08/1999 to 11/15/1999, the desired result will be displayed.

Information Integrity - While the State Publications and Regulations edit entered items for grammer, spelling, appropriate verbiage and minor content consistency, what is entered is what's available.  This means a request may require a few attempts to get the desired results.

Information is available from 1993 to 12 months prior to the current date.  To inquire about entries within the past 12 months, please refer to the Contact link above.  To obtain regular notification of items, consider a subscription.