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840 CMR - Public Employee Retirement Administration Commission

840 CMR 1.00 - 25.00 

Protection of Interests of Retirement System Members and Their Beneficiaries; Financial Operations/Standard Methods of Accounting; Standard Rules for Disclosure of Information; Standard Rules for Elections; Applicability of $30,000 Salary Cap; Approval of Retirement Board Decisions; Standard Rules for Disability Retirement; Service after Age 70; Service between age 65 and 70; Applicability of Commissioner's Rules; Supplementary rules; Other Rules of Retirement Boards; Miscellaneous; Investment Advice and Management; Standards of Conduct for Fiduciaries and Qualified Investment Managers;Formation of Investment Policy and Statement of Investment Objectives; Exemptions from Investment Restrictions; Prohibited Investments; Recognition of Gains and Losses; the Conduct of Field Examinations of Contributory Retirement Systems; Consultants; Standard Rules for Orders to Protect the System. $7.85