State Bookstore Catalog

801 CMR - Administration and Finance, Executive Office for

801 CMR 1.00 - 3.00

Standard Adjudicatory Rules of Practice and Procedures; Privacy and Confidentiality. $3.15

801 CMR 4.00

Rates. $4.35

801 CMR 5.00 - 21.00

Procurement of Commodities or Services.  $1.75

801 CMR 26.00 - 56.00

Financing the Construction of Off-street Parking Facilities in Commercial Area Revitalization Districts for Cities and Towns; Assisting Cities and Towns in Financing the Construction, Reconstruction, Rehabilitation and Expansion of Facilities for Civic and Convention Centers and Exhibition Halls; Reimbursement to Nonprofit Organizations; Allocation of State Ceiling on Volume of Private Activity Bonds; Expendable Trust Regulation; Generating New State & Local Tax Revenues by Stimulating Sustainable Economic Development through Infrastructure Improvements;Municipal Health Insurance; Accountability and Transparency of State Authorities; Nonprofit Community Hospitals & Health Centers Bond Financing. $4.35


M.G.L. c. 31 and 31A, Civil Service Laws. $6.15